We are Open Heart Films.
Our goal is to create films of quality that raise awareness and open the heart.
We Believe that generosity begins with an Open Heart.
We believe the films that can open the heart can also open the mind,
and that an open mind to the problems in the world is the first step to solving them.

Our approach is to make compelling advertising for both Charities and Sponsers alike.

We aim to make honest and engaging films for companies that can help charities and NGO’s reach their goals and at the same time raise awareness of the problem the Charity deals with.
We can do this by following the route of help to it’s destination.
The resulting films can be used to promote products and services within the framework of helping others aswell as helping the Charity raise awareness and funds.

A win win situation.

Steve Walker is a Director of Photography with 25 years of experience in the commercial film making business.
A selection of his commercial work can be seen on his websites.
He is a member of the Nederlands Society of Cinematographers (NSC) and also teaches at the Amsterdam Film School.
He is currently busy with his masterclass “let there be Light’